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Why use IP Based Surveillance Systems?

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Why use IP Based Surveillance Systems?

Bài gửi  duyminh on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:35 am

Why use IP Based Surveillance Systems?
Why use IP Based Surveillance Systems?
As today’s network infrastructures and products are very common in any company or residential location, taking advantage of such platform has its immediate benefits.

PiXORD has made this possible through its complete product line of Network Cameras, Video Servers and Storage Solutions.

Moving from an analog CCTV infrastructure to IP is now easier than ever. More ever, an IP Surveillance System deploys far more benefits and advantages that an analog system can offer:

• Easy Installation
• Unlimited Scalability
• Intelligent Features
• Decreasing Cost of Implementation
Easy Installation & Unlimited Scalability
IP-Based Surveillance systems can be expanded without limitations using the current network under any LAN/WAN infrastructure, either wired or wireless.Just assigning a port from the routerors witch and dedicate it to the network camera or video server will allow an easy and quick installation with minimum efforts.

With PiXORD’s products , you can easily do this even if you already have an existing analog CCTV system.

Contradictory to the DVR system where the recording hardware is proprietary, PiXORD’s offers standard recording software that can be installed easily into a PC, with no additional hardware that could drag you to any increased and exaggerated cost.
Analog CCTV equipment co exists with IP surveillance equipments very easily:
IP surveillance devices can maximize the potential of existing security systems such as DVR and analog cameras, allowing them to deliver the video signal through the Internet so they can be viewed remotely using a Network Video Server.

Setting up a recording software into the PC actually not only replaces the past need of Analog Camera-DVR-Monitor into Network Camera-PC, but also permits an effective unlimited expansion of surveillance when it is required.

Scalability in an IP Network Infrastructure is very easy as network devices such as hubs, switches and routers can be added quickly to the current IP network, and at the same time, can be an asset for the IP surveillance system.
Intelligent Features
Reasons for buying a Network Camera can be many; however the most important ones are what so called “Intelligent Features”. These features built inside network cameras have more capabilities than the traditional analog CCTV camera.

While the traditional analog cameras required fixed personnel to be watching constantly at the monitor, PiXORD has released this effort and built this feature into its cameras .

Smart Events
Features such as built-in motion detection in PiXORD products allow a precise tracking of motion events occurred and can perform additional tasks to have a good use of such.

For example, taking a snapshot upon a motion detected, and sending it to a designated email box or FTP server not only saves your staff the time for searching events but also enhances the possibility for delimiting y our search.

Remote access
While in the past, to monitor your installation you had to be present in the location where the equipments were, today using a web browser, you can view your installation any where you are just through the Internet.

Being able to create different profiles for the access not only allows the security administrator to have a control over the resources allocated to the security staff, but also permits a proper non disclosure of what should not be shown for sensible monitored areas depending the staff who is looking at it.
Costs of Implementation
Costs of installation for IP Surveillance can be decreasing for any installation as they use existing network infrastructures.
Reduced Cost of Installation
Not only has PiXORD been able to make an easy setup on IP surveillance products for new installations, but has also incorporated to the product line a device that enables the transmission of data and video through existing CCTV infrastructures where re-cabling is not possible or an arduous task.

The PiXORD Media Converter has the benefit of transmitting video and data signals using standard telephone lines or existing coaxial cables, enabling the signal delivery up to 1,500 kilometers. No additional or incremental expenses, maximizing and exploiting y our current infrastructure for more enhanced benefits.

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