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HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms (Giải nghĩa những từ viết tắt của HVAC)

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HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms (Giải nghĩa những từ viết tắt của HVAC) Empty HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms (Giải nghĩa những từ viết tắt của HVAC)

Bài gửi  phamduyminh Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:33 am

HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms (Giải nghĩa những từ viết tắt của HVAC)

AC - Air Conditioning or Alternating Current
AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
AHU - Air Handling Unit
AI - Analog Input
AO - Analog Output
AQS - Air Quality Systems
AWG - American Wire Gage
BACnet - Computer communication protocol for building automation systems and control networks
BAS - Building Automation System
BI - Binary Input
BO - Binary Output
BP - Backflow Preventer
BTU - British Thermal Unit
BTUh - Brtish Thermal Units per Hour
HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms
CAV - Constant Air Volume
CD - Cold Deck
CFC - ChloroFluoroCarbon
CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute
CHWP - Chilled Water Pump
CHWR - Chilled Water Return
CHWS - Chilled Water Supply
COP - Coefficienct of Performance
CSR - Capacitor Start Capacitor Run
CV - Constant Volume
CWP - Condenser Water Pump
CWR - Condenser Water Return
CWS - Condenser Water Supply
DA - Discharge Air or Direct Acting
DAT - Discharge Air Temperature
DB - Dry Bulb or Dead Band
DC - Direct Current
DCBP - Double Check Backflow Preventer
DD - Degree Day
DDC - Direct Digital Control
DI - Digital Input
DO - Digital Output
DP - Differential Pressure
DPDT - Double Pole Double Throw
DPST - Double Pole Single Throw
DSI - Direct Spark ignition
DX - Direct Expansion
HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms
EDR - Equivalent Direct Radiation
EER - Energy Efficiency Ratio
EMF - Electromotive Force
EF - Exhaust Fan
EMS - Energy Management System
EP - Electric to Pnuematic
ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilator
EXV - Electronic Expansion Valve
FA - Fire Alarm
FCU - Fan Coil Unit
FD - Fire Damper
FLA - Full Load Amps
FPM - Feet Per Minute
FS - Float Switch
F & T - Float & Thermostatic
GPM - Gallons per Minute
GWP - Global Warming Potential
HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms
HEPA - High Efficiency Particulate Arresting
HCFC - HydroChloroFluoroCarbon
HD - Hot Deck
HFC - HydroFluoroCarbon
HOA - Hand Off Auto
HP - High Pressure or Horse Power
HPS - High Pressure Steam
HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilator
HSI - Hot Surface Ignition
HSPF - Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
HVACR - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration
HWP - Hot Water Pump
HWR - Hot Water Return
HWS - Hot Water Supply
HX - Heat Exchanger
HZ - Hertz
HVAC Abbreviations & Acronyms
I/O - Input/Output
IAQ - Indoor Air Quality
in. Hg - inches of mercury vacuum
in. WC - inches of Water Column
JB - Junction Box
KO - Knock Out
KW - Kilowatts
LL - Low Limit
LP - Low Pressure or Liquified Petroleum
LPS - Low Pressure Steam
LRA - Locked Rotor Amps
LWCO - Low Water Cut Off
MA - Mixed Air
MAT - Mixed Air Temperature
MAU - Make-up Air Unit
MCC - Motor Control Center
MFD - Micro-Farad
MP - Motor Protector
MPT - Male Pipe Thread
NC - Normally Closed
NEC - National Electric Code
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
NO - Normally Open
NPT - National Pipe Thread
NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient
OA - Outside Air
OAT - Outside Air Temperature
OP - Oil Pressure
ODP - Ozone Depletion Potential
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PE - Pnuematic to Electric
PID - Proportional, Integral, & Derivative
PRV - Pressure Reducing Valve
PSC - Permanent Split Capacitor
PSIA - Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
PSIG - Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
PT - Pressure Temperature
PTAC - Portable Terminal Air Conditioner
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient
PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
RA - Return Air or Reverse Acting
RAT - Return Air Temperature
RF - Return Fan
RH - Relative Humidity
RPBP - Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer (sometimes also seen as RPZ)
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RTU - Roof Top Unit
RV - Reversing Valve
SA - Supply Air
SAT - Supply Air Temperature
SD - Smoke Damper
SEER - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
SF - Service Factor or Supply Fan
SH - Super Heat
SP - Static Pressure or Set Point
SPDT - Single Pole Double Throw
SPST - Single Pole Single Throw
SV - Solenoid Valve
TD - Temperature Difference or Time Delay
TDS - Total Dissolved Solids
TEV - Thermostatic Expansion Valve (sometimes also seen as TXV)
Ton - ton of refrigeration effect
UH - Unit Heater
UV - Ultra-Violet or Unit Ventilator
VAV - Variable Air Volume
VFD - Variable Frequency Drive
VSD - Variable Speed Drive
VVT - Variable Volume/Temperature
W - Watt
WB - Wet Bulb
WC - Water Column
XFMR - Transformer
ZD - Zone Damper

Đường ống cung cấp không khí (Supply Air Duct – SAD);
Đưòng ống hồi gió (Return Air Duct – RAD);
Đưòng ống cấp không khí tươi (Fresh Air Duct);
Đưòng ống thông gió (Ventilation Air Duct);
Đường ống thải gió (Exhaust Air Duct).

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