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X-IRS DVR Wrapper App Argus XAD-400

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X-IRS DVR Wrapper App Argus XAD-400

Bài gửi  duyminh on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:44 pm

X-IRS DVR Wrapper App Argus XAD-400
Version: 1.2, Oct 17th, 2010

What is this?
This is just a wrapper application for each application included in the X-IRS software.

Why not use the X-IRS software?
Using the X-IRS software you cannot resize or even move the applications such as the Live Viewer, Playback and the others.

When to use the X-IRS software.
If you are going to have a whole list of DVRs then use the X-IRS software as this only handles one DVR per installation; or perhaps contact us to create a custom version for you.

How do you do this?
Thankfully the X-IRS applications are just separate ActiveX controls. Although they have no useful public code for us to use, we can at least drop them into a Windows Form that allows us to resize and move it. We use Visual Basic 6.0 and Inno Setup.

Are there any limitations?
Yes. I could not get the Player activeX to load due to errors, so that application is not used here. Other limitations are unknown at this time.

Do I still install the X-IRS software?
You do not need to install X-IRS for this to work, our installer will install all the necessary files. If you want to use the player though, you must install the X-IRS software (see above)

-Drag, Move, & Resize
-Small Window: Gets rid of right side GUI
-Mini Window: Same as small but without the Form borders, making it shorter.
-Stays on top of other applications
-Works on Eee PC and other Netbooks with 1024x600 and above.
-Snapshot feature - saves to folder on desktop (added version 1.2)

Files Included - Copyrights, etc.
All files included other than the main EXE files that have the name bahamassecurity.com in their properties, are copyright their perspective owners, be it Argus or other (file properties do not name their developer). If you are the developer or owner of these files and have any further information on them please contact me. None of the X-IRS files are edited in any way at all.

XViewer.ocx - v2.0.0.6 - Live Viewer ActiveX
XSearch.ocx - v2.0.0.6 - Playback ActiveX
XBackup.ocx - v1.0.0.7 - Backup ActiveX
XRemoteSetup.ocx - v2.0.0.5 - Remote Setup ActiveX

This software is free software and we are not to be held responsible nor liable for damage from the use or misuse of this software.

Windows XP/7

Download File: v1.2
Download Now (3.10MB) (1657 downloads)

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