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EBook Energy In The 21st Century

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EBook Energy In The 21st Century Empty EBook Energy In The 21st Century

Bài gửi  duyminh on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:56 pm

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EBook Energy In The 21st Century

Energy In The 21st Century
By: John R. Fanchi
ISBN: 9812561951
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company - 2005-03-11
Paperback | 243 Pages | List Price: $26.00 (USD) | Sales Rank: 321284
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.1 x 0.45 inches

A Mere Introduction To Energy, Great For Pre-College Kids!
At first read, Fanchi's Energy in the 21st century is a mere introduction to the historical concepts and processes of human's endless quests and successes of extracting energy for commercial use. The book provides three things; a historical template of all energy procurements that served mankind since the dawn of civilization, a faux-empirical discussion on the energy options today, and thirdly potential energy options for tommorrow and what they mean for us, both economically and envirnmentally, today.

In the historical portions, Fanchi succeeds in communicating historical epochs and progressions in the field of science and energy with time-charts and longitudinal comparisons of energy used and energy costs.

The middle chunk of the book consists of Fanchi's examination of our energy options today. In this regard, Fanchi only succeeds in laying out what options are readily or not readily available, however he fails to properly discuss indept what each energy source really is. In the fossil fuels chapter he begins to discuss Shale Oil and Tar Sands (pg. 43) as a very likely direction for the future of fossil fuel extraction. He sets it up to be discussed in depth but leaves you with questions as he moves on to a totally different topic in the next 3 sentences. I say he fails, because there are to many instances where this "jumping foward" occurs. He does the same thing when describing Nuclear Fusion as the future of nuclear energy then he skips off topic to address an earlier mentioning of Global Dependence on Nuclear power in the next paragraph.

Finally, Fanchi discusses the future of energy. Here he injects alot of professional opinions of the energy crisis and the best directions for us to follow. He also has some predictions based on stuff he got off a few websites. I'm not going to say much on that, other than it is interesting insight to see what the experts really think.

Overall, the book is written at a level suitable for junior high school and high school kids who would be interested in the subject (And I hope they are).

If anything, I would definately recommend this book to JHS/HS teachers of environmental science to insert into their significant to us, our habits, our environment and our future.

If you are an adult or college student then I would suggest don't waste time and money on this book and get the
"Energy Technology and Directions for the Future, First Edition"
text by Fanchi. I've read that one as well and noted that Fanchi goes in depth on all the things (with much better and necessary technical examples) he missed explaining in "Energy In the 21st..."

As an envirnomental engineer grad student who is interesting in entering the energy sector workforce next year, I found that "Energy Technology and Directions for the Future, First Edition" to be a more perfect read and great bookshelf companion.

Great Insight into Energy Policy

As a high school science teacher for twenty five years, Energy in the 21st Century would be an excellent book for an advanced high school level class or an introductory college level class. The book has a good overview to energy policy and insight that a non-major science student could understand regarding the past and future energy policy in our country.

This book will not only help every student and teacher to understand the problems of energy, but to help come up with possible solutions as to how these problems can be addressed. A good instructor should be able to take the information and give students insights creating thoughtful debates and the development of research projects.

Energy in the 21st Century invokes the question of how do you balance our energy policies with what people perceive as reality. It stimulates the thought of balancing our country's energy policy with environmental concerns. The book doesn't offer answers to our energy concerns but gets the reader to investigate possible energy solutions.

The Points to Ponder segments take science and relates it with economics and opens doors for the reader to think about how energy decisions have been made in the past and where it may be going in the future. Dr. Fanchi's book not only gives the basic structure and science of energy, but also questions were we're going with energy. It shares both positive and negative sides of the use of energy from both a science and environmental perspective. Energy in the 21st Century is well balanced in it's arguments and offers an investigating forecast into future events.

From A Practicing Electrical Engineer
This is an excellent general book for anyone who wishes a quick overview of the field of energy. It quickly presents the basic subjects related to energy in an way understandable to anyone with a high-school or above education and may be very effective in introducing high-school level readers to the field of energy and the problems involved with the various forms.

Unlike many books on energy it does not try to push any particular energy agenda. It does not include a bunch of questionable statistics to try to obscure problems with the various forms of energy nor does it try to paint a too-rosy picture of any particular form. It is a good, quick, even- handed discussion of the production, use of and problems with energy in the various forms in which it is used.

I would highly recommend it for:

1. The general reader who wants a easily understood book dealing with a subject that can be complicated.

2. Anyone who wants a quick read that gives a good even-handed overview of the field of energy.

3. An engineering student (or perhaps a future engineering student) who may want to know more about energy related engineering subjects.

Also, even though this is a easy book to understand, I learned much from it even after having worked in an energy related field for many years.

I would highly recommend this book.


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EBook Energy In The 21st Century Empty Re: EBook Energy In The 21st Century

Bài gửi  lehongphuc on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:12 pm



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EBook Energy In The 21st Century Empty Re: EBook Energy In The 21st Century

Bài gửi  khoidayvangduong on Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:33 pm

cam on nhieu...


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EBook Energy In The 21st Century Empty Re: EBook Energy In The 21st Century

Bài gửi  ptchinhktv on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:47 pm

Thanks bác nhiều nha. Quá hay...


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EBook Energy In The 21st Century Empty Re: EBook Energy In The 21st Century

Bài gửi  phap on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:02 pm

cuon sach hay


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EBook Energy In The 21st Century Empty Re: EBook Energy In The 21st Century

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